[QGIS-Developer] Is the map preview in CRS selector dialog broken?

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[QGIS-Developer] Is the map preview in CRS selector dialog broken?

Hi devs,

In QGIS 3, in the CRS Selector dialog of a layer (or global setting), there's a map preview (thanks Nathan) [0].
Whatever CRS I select, in the first or the second table of CRSs, the map preview always shows the whole world with a cross at the "center"[1]. I'm on windows 10.
I'd expect it to zoom to the extent of the selected crs, lika a help tool to select compatible crs with working zone.
Did I misunderstand? Otherwise,am i just impatient or is there a bug I should report?


[0] https://github.com/qgis/QGIS/pull/5356
[1] Actually, it shows the world when it's opened from layer properties dialog (or options dialog) and the map canvas extent when in project properties dialog.

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