[QGIS-Developer] GSoC QGIS 3D Improvement: Week 10 Report

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[QGIS-Developer] GSoC QGIS 3D Improvement: Week 10 Report

Ismail Sunni
Dear QGIS developers,

Here is my 10th-week report for my GSoC Project[4]. You can also check the project wiki page [2]. Comments and suggestions are welcome :)

GSoC QGIS 3D Improvement Week 10 Report

Period: 30 July 2019 - 4 August 2019

1. What did I complete this week?
   - Adding QgsSymbolButton for the UI (thanks to Nyall for the help)
   - Implementing billboard from the user input. It's still in progress. Only work once, perhaps missing signal handling. Currently debugging it.
2. What am I going to achieve for next week?
   - Solve using a symbol from QgsSymbolButton
3. Is there any blocking issue?
   - N/A
4. Code
   - Branch for billboard feature [1]
   - Repo for QT C++ billboard [3]
5. Misc
   - This week I was quite busy with my last week of the block course and got sick that needed me to have some bed rest. I couldn't manage to work on the project like previous weeks. Fortunately, the class is finished, now I can focus again on the project.

- [1] https://github.com/ismailsunni/QGIS/tree/billboard
- [2] Project Wiki: https://github.com/ismailsunni/QGIS/wiki/GSoC-2019---QGIS-3D-Improvement
- [3] https://github.com/ismailsunni/qt3d-custom-shader

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