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[QGIS-Developer] Drill-down forms with multiple selections option

Pedro Venâncio-2
Hi all,

I'm building a form with two fields of "Value Relation Widgets", one depending on the other.

This works really well as explained here https://youtu.be/ipezh4KXrgo by Alessandro, but I would like that both fields have the multiple selections option.

Here is a sample project: https://cld.pt/dl/download/db1a1787-0adc-4633-a0c9-356c41f269eb/drilldown_multiple.zip

In that project, I have two shapefiles (one configured without and another configured with 'Allow multiple selections') and two csv files (Value Relation sources).

So, without multiple selections option, I simply use
"di" = current_value( 'DISTRITOS')
as filter expression.

This does not work with multiple selections, because this option saves the multiple values between braces: {Value1,Value2,...}.

So, how could I use the filter here, to have the second field filtered by the options selected in the first field?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Pedro Venâncio

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