[QGIS-Developer] Calc default value or Reuse last entered value -bug ?

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[QGIS-Developer] Calc default value or Reuse last entered value -bug ?

Lene Fischer


Stumbled into two problems – not sure how to solve:


Have setup an Attribute form and as a default value for area using ‘round($area,1)’ and ‘Apply default value on update’

While digitizing and want to reuse all attributes but the area – I have changed the Settings- Digitizing to ‘Reuse last entered attribute value’


Works fine for the first feature… but the second feature will then get the first features area value. I do know ‘You can´t get it all’ – but… I love to be able the reuse the no-calculated attributes AND get calculated values in the attribute form.


Second problem – Turning off the ‘Reuse last entered attribute value’ so there will be no conflict – I now wants to edit the shape of a feature. Using ‘Split feature’ from ‘Advanced digitizing tool’ I now have two features. Both have same attribute values except for the calculated value – as expected. BUT one of the features has the original area value. I expected to get both features attributes updated.


Any suggestions for my two problems



Lene Fischer



Københavns Universitet

Institut for Geovidenskab og Naturforvaltning



Nødebovej 77a

3480 Fredensborg


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