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[PyWPS-dev] Configuring WebPysal


I'm new to the area of web processing services and I'm having a bit of an issue configuring WebPysal in our production environment.

Specifically, I want to deploy this repository ( https://github.com/shaohu/WebPySAL) within a production environment. The problem is that the current repository uses Py-Flask to serve up a static webpage. Our production environment will use Apache httpd. The documentation on pywps (https://pywps.readthedocs.io/en/master/deployment.html) refers to the creation of the WSGI, which is usually a single file, where you can expose single functions. However, WebPysal is an entire Python library and I'd like to expose all of the features. It currently does this using WebPysal which stands up a static webpage.  You can still interact with this programmatically.

I'm struggling to connect the dots between these steps and would appreciate any direction you can provide.

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