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Juan Manuel Vicente
Hi all,

I just created a pull request at github.

It is implemented so far:

 - GetRecords
 - GetRecordById
 - GetDomain
 - GetCapabilities (Refactored)

- OGC Filters
 - Operators:
  - Logical Operators:
    - AND
    - OR
  - Spatial Operatos:
    - BBOX
  - Comparison
    - isLike
    - isBetween
    - isEqualTo
    - isLessThanOrEqualTo
    - isGreaterThan
    - isLessThan
    - isGreaterThanOrEqualTo
    - isNotEqualTo

Some considerations at the moment

- Some refactor are a must, like CSW constructor depending on the catalog profile. 
- The dist file is in the repo, later I am going to move to a proper repository (ex: bower-ows.js)
- The repository is registered at bower registry, this is why the dist file is in the repo.
- it is necessary to have more unit-tests.
- I'm sure I'm forgetting something

To the future:

- ES6 modules.
- More Operators (NOT and Spatials)
- Others.

I want to thanks to Alexey Valikov for the great work he is doing with Jsonix and Ogc-schemas libraries.

Juan Manuel

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