Proposed GeoMoose PSC Agenda

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Proposed GeoMoose PSC Agenda

Dan Little-2
Hey Folks,

Just a reminder that the PSC meeting is Thursday at 2PM Central time. We'll meet on the #geomoose channel.

Here's a proposed agenda:

1. Review of the 3.1.X release and future release ideas.
2. Fundraising, fund-spending, and development goals. Some ideas:
  a. I'd love to spend some cash to get a UI design revamp. Open to designers, ideas, budgets, etc.
  b. Complete testing.  We have *some* tests but I'd like to round out what we have and try to be more complete, especially with services.
3. User feedback? How are things going for everyone implementation wise?

Please send me any items you'd like to see changed or added?

Thanks folks!

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