[Processing] Why 2.5D geometries are not clippable ?

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[Processing] Why 2.5D geometries are not clippable ?

René-Luc Dhont
Hi Devs,

An issue has been opened by a french user about the clip tool in processing.

Because it's not a developper, he does not easily understand why QGIS
Processing 2.14 does not clip his 2.5D geometry. He does not have this
issue with QGIS Processing 2.12.

So We test to clip 2.5D geometry with QGIS Processing 2.14 by commenting
these lines:
         geomType = layerA.dataProvider().geometryType()
         if geomType in GEOM_25D:
             raise GeoAlgorithmExecutionException(
                 self.tr('Input layer has unsupported geometry type
And it seems to work.

So why 2.5D geometries are not clippable in QGIS ?


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