Problems with AutoCAD Map on PostGIS

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Problems with AutoCAD Map on PostGIS

Dietmar Fleischhauer

one of our customers has severe problems with AutoCAD Map (2013 and 2014
on Windows 7) on a PostGIS 2.0 database (PostgreSQL 9.1 on Ubuntu 12.04)
via FDO.

Different FDO dll versions between 3.7.x and the latest 3.8.0 have been
tested (bundled with AutoCAD Map as well as downloaded from OSGeo).

The Problem: connections seem to be lost by the FDO driver. So far all
errors appear analogous to this PG log example (identical timestamp
omitted, statements shortened; first appearance of the error in this

LOG:  duration: 4.133 ms  parse fdo18:  SELECT  tc.conname [...]
LOG:  duration: 0.574 ms  parse <unnamed>: DECLARE fdo18 CURSOR FOR
SELECT  tc.conname [...]
LOG:  duration: 0.687 ms  bind <unnamed>: DECLARE fdo18 CURSOR FOR
SELECT  tc.conname [...]
LOG:  duration: 0.223 ms  execute <unnamed>: DECLARE fdo18 CURSOR FOR
SELECT  tc.conname [...]
LOG:  duration: 0.117 ms  statement: FETCH 512 FROM fdo18
LOG:  duration: 1.071 ms  statement: FETCH 512 FROM fdo19
LOG:  duration: 0.483 ms  statement: FETCH 512 FROM fdo20
LOG:  duration: 0.331 ms  statement: FETCH 512 FROM fdo21
LOG:  duration: 0.025 ms  statement: DEALLOCATE fdo21
LOG:  duration: 0.023 ms  statement: DEALLOCATE fdo20
LOG:  duration: 2.022 ms  statement: FETCH 512 FROM fdo13
LOG:  unexpected EOF on client connection
LOG:  connection received: host= port=61421
LOG:  connection authorized: user=autocad database=foo
ERROR:  prepared statement "fdo19" does not exist
ERROR:  prepared statement "fdo18" does not exist

Client logging isn't very verbose and doesn't show anything beyond the
information above.

This kind of error could be reproduced (on a random base) in a different
location and environment (PG on Windows Server 2008 R2, same PostGIS and
PG versions, different AutoCAD Map PCs). Both settings are LAN based
without any routing, so we assume it's not a network problem (at least
below the application layer). Also server memory shouldn't be an issue,
the Ubuntu production server has 10G RAM with PG shared_buffers 2560MB,
while the errors occur with single connection

Those errors happen over and over unpredictably. In one case directly
when reading the schema after connecting, next time after having loaded
a bunch of layers correctly. In rare cases everything works. (N.B.: a
UMN based web application using the same database works without error;
and was deactivated during Autodesk testing).

Any hints would be very appreciated, thanks!


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