Problems configuring INSPIRE Directive in Geonetwork 3.10.3

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Problems configuring INSPIRE Directive in Geonetwork 3.10.3

Margarita Caletrio Arcos
Dear colleagues, I am following Geonetwork instructions for INSPIRE
configuration in Geonetwork 3.10.3:

In: Admin console/classification systems/tesaurus, when I select “use
inspire registry” it appears the messages (translated from spanish to

- kind of registry not found, check the ur or

-Error when uploading the tesaurus. Unlnow format (must be in skos
format). I attach images

After that, it’s not possible to continue, also it doesn’t appear
Catalan language to check it. We need to select (Spanish, English and

I suppose that the url its not correct one. These instructions are not
updated per example the url for using “inspire validator”, cited at the
beginning of the instructions, it’s the old one
( ) fortunately
Geoentwork 3.10.3 adds the actual one:

Can you help me? Thank you!

Regards. Margarita

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