Problem with WMS if layer bounds are smaller/partial inside request bbox

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Problem with WMS if layer bounds are smaller/partial inside request bbox

Faruk Hadzic

There is some kind of problem with rendering of layer if request BBOX is
bigger than defined BBOX for layer. This is happening in version 2.5. In
version 2.2 everything is working normally.

This is stack trace.

- MgFeatureServiceHandler.ProcessOperation() line 83 file
- MgOpGetClassDefinition.Execute() line 153 file
- MgServerDescribeSchema.GetClassDefinition() line 1039 file

 For example I have layer that had bbox is defined as
<Bounds west="6452734.8225" east="6457584.8225" south="4876898.3721"
north="4882648.3721"  SRS="EPSG:31276" />

If I make following request to MG2.5 it will fail with above stack trace:

Same request works on MG2.2.

Upper right corner in request is outside bbox that is defined for layer.

I'm not sure is this bug or something is changed between version that I'm
missing. I tried to debug this problem but I'm clueless.

Any ideas?

Best Regards,
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