Problem on Multiple Installations of GeoNetwork 2.0.2

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Problem on Multiple Installations of GeoNetwork 2.0.2

Sadir, Mohideen (IWMI)

Dear All,


When I do the multiple installations using the latest geonetwork (2.0.2) version using MySQL in Windows platform, I am having problems on accessing the database.


I did the Installations in the same MySQL server using two different User Name & Password under two different geonetwork directories by pointing to two different databases located in MySQL. When I try to access the sites, one site is getting connected with the database; the other one is not getting connected.


If I try the second one after stopping the first site, second site works !. For some reason, we cannot bring the both sites up in the same time or parallel. Can you please give me some tips why this is happening?


I really appreciate if anyone can help me to sort this issue.


Thanks with best regards,