Problem in saving point in MySql

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Problem in saving point in MySql

Satya Mishra
I created a table with point geometry in mysql. Subsequently added a vector layer from mysql table . The table could be accessed from QGIS. However on pressing the add button the system threw warning message that no CRS was defined hence WGS84 has been used. I then changed the CRS to EPSG24378 as was desired. Now i select this vector layer and toggle to editing mode to add points. The mysql table is shown when I click at the desired location. However when I attempt to save then QGIs throws error as "Could not commit changes to layer MySQL:xxxxxxxxxxx
OGR error creating feature-2:MySQL error message: SRID value is out of range in 'st_geomfromtext' Description: INSERT INTO tbl_loc(loc_grid, Name) VALUES (ST_Geomfromtext('POINT( 3383449.16856926 973171.230534863)',-2), Garud)

Obviously SRID of -2 is an error. How do I correct this?

QGIS VER 3.4.5


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