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Problem FDO Connection

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Hi All,

f I use the statement "OSGeo.FDO.ClientServices.FeatureAccessManager.GetConnectionManager();"
I am getting error like "External component has thrown an exception."

I Use AutoCAD Map 3D 2011
VS 2005

Can anyone please help me asap.

Thanks in Advance.

I had referenced following dlls into my project

I have write code under load enent
private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

                IProviderRegistry FDORegistry = FeatureAccessManager.GetProviderRegistry();
                string tmpStr = "";
                ProviderCollection providers = FDORegistry.GetProviders();
                int nCout = providers.Count;

                System.Collections.IEnumerator Iterator = providers.GetEnumerator();
                foreach (Provider provider in providers)
                    String outStr = "Provider List:\r\n" + provider.DisplayName;
                    outStr += tmpStr;
                    tmpStr = String.Format("|- LibraryPath:{0} \r\n", provider.LibraryPath);
                    outStr += tmpStr;
                    tmpStr = String.Format("|- Version:{0} \r\n", provider.Version);
                    outStr += tmpStr;
                    tmpStr = String.Format("|- Description:{0} \r\n", provider.Description);
                    outStr += tmpStr;
                    outPut.Text = outStr;
            catch (OSGeo.FDO.Common.Exception ex)
            //catch (System.Exception ex)

It gives error exceptional error like "External component has thrown an exception."
I am using AutoCAD MAP 3D 2011 & VS-2005

Can you please provide the solution Why???