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Pretty off-topic about Oracle Spatial

Stefano Iacovella
Dear all

Let me apologize for this message bein g a little off-topic. My question is not directly related to geoserver.
From what I read here I think many of us use Oracle Spatial as data repository.

Last days I've encountered a problem loading data containing some geometric feature with a huge number of vertices.
I'm using tables with a SDO_Geometry column. Form ORacle Docs it seems there is a limit in the number of coordinates a single record could store.

A colleague suggested me to bypass the problem altering two data types in the MDSYS catalogue as:

alter type mdsys.sdo_elem_info_array modify limit 3145730 cascade;
alter type mdsys.sdo_ordinate_array modify limit 3145730 cascade;

Luckily I made a try on a staging DB. The first statement run in error causing the complete invalidation of all spatial index. Moreover it invalidates several objects in the MDSYS schema.
Googling on the net and searching on metalink didn't make me find any official document about the limitation and it could be upgraded.

On the Oracle forums I find a thread about the topic and it seems it's not possible to increase the two array.

I guess I'm not the only one having to manage huge polyline or polygons.

Is there anyone with more information?


Stefano Iacovella

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