Preparation for your vote on RfP 2019 / Vote between 15th and 18th of December 2017 12:00 CET

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Preparation for your vote on RfP 2019 / Vote between 15th and 18th of December 2017 12:00 CET

Till Adams-3
Dear voting members of OSGeo's conference committee!

With this email I want to inform you about the final steps in the
process of selecting the very, very best location for FOSS4G 2019!!!

The voting period will start tomorrow, *15th of December* and will *end*
on *18th of December 12h CET*. This means, that we have a slight overlap
with the question period, which also ends on Dec. 15th. So, if there are
any further questions, don't hesitate to ask the teams. I think both did
also a great job in answering the questions performed in the past days.

When you took your decision, please send the name of your favoured
location/team via email to

- [hidden email]
- [hidden email]

Please make sure to send your vote *before Dec. 18th 2017 12:00 CET* !!!

Our voting assistants will count the votes seperately from each other
and both will send the name of their final winner to Steven Feldman and
me right after December, 18th 12h CET. No one of the voting members
(including Steven and me) will ever get to know about the single
votings. I will publish the winner here on this list right after
receiving the mails.

There is one last issue: On our WIKI page [1] I proposed to have an IRC
meeting before we take our final decision. As every member of our
comittee is empowered to vote on his/her own, I personally do not think,
that we need such a meeting. If anybody of you has a need for this, we
can schedule a meeting during this weekend (between family, soccer,
beers and sleep ;-)).
Don't hesitate to raise your fingers in case!

BTW: I received some requests on this in the past days: If you are
unsure whther you have to/are allowed to vote or not, see the list of
the current members on [2]. Short after finishing this RfP, I plan to
care about the requests of new members.

BTW II: Vasile will not vote and if, his vote will not be accepted ;-).

Again, good luck to both teams.

Regards, Till



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