PostGIS v.ogr.out with pygrass, how to access Error output

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PostGIS v.ogr.out with pygrass, how to access Error output

I want to run some code on a remote machine that has the grass binaries
installed. To debug my Grass code I usually use a grass session on my local
machine and test the code there. But now this is not working because I can
not reproduce the error on my local machine. What I want to do is export a
line dataset to an existing table in a postgis db this is the code I use:

v.out_ogr(input='lines', output='PG:host="" port="5432"
dbname="db_name" user="my_user" password="my_password"',
output_layer='my_schema.my_table', format='PostgreSQL', u=True, a=True)

If I run it of my local machine it works without a hitch but not on the
remote machine (I double check ip address and port). I get an error:

Process ended with non-zero return code 1. See errors in the (error) output.

Since I can't launch the GUI on the remote machine this is of little help
since I can't access the error output is there any other way to get the
error output ideally within the python session?

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