PostGIS tables locking for concurent editing needed

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PostGIS tables locking for concurent editing needed

Maciej Sieczka - old

I'm about to deploy a server on which multiple users will be allowed to
edit same PostGIS tables. I have noticed that QGIS (trunk SVN r8182)
doesn't prevent multiple users from editing the same table at the same
time, which sooner or later results in overlapping features and other
surprises that ruin the party. I asked on Postgres ML whether PostGIS
client software should do locking while table is being edited [1], and
the answer is yes:

The application should either:

1. Take an advisory lock (see the functions/admin functions chapter) so
that it can use another table to indicate which parts of the GIS are in use.

2. Check to see if the data changed while the user was editing but
before committing (known as "optimistic locking"). Then give the user
the option to overwrite/rollback.

A last resort would be locking rows or the whole table, since a user
might click "edit" then go to lunch.

Certainly doing nothing isn't much use if you have multiple users editing.

Are there any chances QGIS could be fixed in this regard? That'd be great.


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