PostGIS Import Error: addgeometrycolumn()

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PostGIS Import Error: addgeometrycolumn()

Steffen G
I use QGIS 2.0 and on the backend PostgreSQL 9.3 with PostGIS 2.0.

If I try to import some polygons with:
- DB-Manager or
- PostGIS Shapefile Import/Export Manager

I received the message:

Failed in pgui_exec(): FEHLER:  Function addgeometrycolumn(unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, integer) is not unique
LINE 53: SELECT AddGeometryColumn('public','foo','geom','0','MULTI...
HINT:  Could not choose a best candidate function. You may need to add explicit
type casts.

A look in the PostGIS function lib shows 6 different AddGeometryColumn() Functions but none works (I renamed one by one to have a unique function)

Any ideas?