PostGIS 2.2.4 released

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PostGIS 2.2.4 released

Regina Obe
As some of you may know, PostGIS 2.2.4 was released yesterday: .
Planning for PostGIS 2.3.1 release tomorrow barring no surprises.

Docs PDF:
Doc Html:

Details of what got fixed in PostGIS 2.2.4 are:

    1973, st_concavehull() returns sometimes empty geometry collection Fix
from gde
    3656, Fix upgrade of aggregates from 2.2 or lower version
    3501, add raster constraint max extent exceeds array size limit for
large tables, change to use ST_Extent
    3659, Crash caused by raster GUC define after CREATE EXTENSION using
wrong memory context. (manaeem)

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