[Plugins] Version 0.3 of IPython Console released

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[Plugins] Version 0.3 of IPython Console released

QGIS IPython Console

This plugin embeds the [IPython][1] interpreter inside of QGIS and provides
functionality for spawning consoles that are connected to this interpreter.
IPython offers several advantages over the standard QGIS Python console that
make an ideal tool for software development and exploratory data analysis:

  - Tab-completion, function call tips and quick access to Python docstrings.

  - Inline display of graphs and charts.

  - Many more features such as a distributed computing framework and quick
    access to the underlying filesystem and shell. See the
    [IPython Introduction][2] for a complete overview.

An installation of IPython 0.12 or newer is required along with the Pygments
module. The QGIS IPython Console is currently flagged as experimental and
functionality may vary dramatically between releases.

Version numbers for this plugin are assigned according to the principles of
[Semantic Versioning][3].

  [1]: http://ipython.org
  [2]: http://ipython.org/ipython-doc/stable/overview.html
  [3]: http://semver.org

Reporting Bugs

Please submit issue reports and feature suggestions to:


Latest Changes
*See the [NEWS][4] file for changes that occurred in previous releases*

  [4]: https://github.com/Sharpie/qgis-ipython/blob/master/NEWS.md


### Changes in version 0.3 (2012-01-13)


#### Major Changes

  - IPython 0.12 or newer is now required. Dropped Matplotlib dependency.

#### Bug Fixes

  - Better integration with the QGIS event loop.

  - Improperly closing external consoles will no longer hose the entire QGIS