Plugin Announcement: Sync Composer with Map

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Plugin Announcement: Sync Composer with Map

I am pleased to announce my Plugin, Sync Composer with Map.  The plugin synchronizes the map canvas extents and scale with a map found in Composer.  It has similar functionality equal to a button (Set to map canvas extent) found in the Item Properties of a map object in Composer but it easier to find and requires less clicks.  The plugin can be activated using the menu (Plugins -> Sync Composer with Map) or the plugin toolbar button.

I wrote the plugin because I needed as easier procedure to update the Composer map object so that it was the same view from the Map Canvas.  

The plugin will works if you have one map or multiple maps in Composer.  If you have multiple maps in Composer and would like to synchronize a specific map, select the map to be synchronized and activate the plugin and it will synchronize the selected map.

Hope you find it useful!

Ed B