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Paul Breen
Hi all,

My name is Paul Breen & I work for British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

I'm the original author of SOS.js [0], a JavaScript library for
interfacing to OGC SOS instances.  Similarly, I also developed a WPS
library (not the 52┬░North one).  These two efforts were as a result of a
project here at BAS to enable standardised discovery, browse and access
to our meteorological data [1].

I agree that an OWS library is a great idea; indeed had something like
this existed when I started development of SOS.js, I would of happily
used it.  I look forward to contributing whatever I can.



Paul Breen, Data Manager

British Antarctic Survey
High Cross
Madingley Road

Tel : +44 1223 221328
Email : [hidden email]
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