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Patches Submitted for #3561, #3602

Chris Hodgson
Hi, I submitted a couple of patches for #3561 and #3602, I was hoping
they could get committed in time for 6.0.

#3602 is to allow for better compatibility with ArcGIS and some other
WMS clients - it adds a metadata flag "wms_bbox_extended" which when set
to true adds additional BoundingBoxes to the capabilities file for all
projections listed in the "wms_srs" metadata. While this can bulk up the
capabilities, it allows lazy clients to work more easily with Mapserver.

#3561 adds support for "radius=allmap" to WMS getFeatureInfo queries.
This is a bit of a special case (hack) but our client needs the
functionality and it doesn't interfere with existing radius queries -
and the change is only a few lines of code.

I would really appreciate it if someone could have a look at these and
commit them. And of course I'm open to suggestions as to how to improve


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