PYCSW Win10 Install Issue

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PYCSW Win10 Install Issue

Tim Wanner
Hello Mailing-List Members,

I got issues installing PYCSW on Windows which I hope someone can solve. 
I already tried I a lot and read many forum contributions as I’m not professional in programming and installing trough a terminal/shell but I just could not fix this.

Trying to install as shown on the website (changed 1.Line to #!/Python27/python). I’ve installed Python 2.7.14 aswell as 3.5.x.
After I fixed Issues with missing Visual C++ 14 Compiler Build Tools (for pyproj Installation needed)  aswell as issues with Shapley(1.5.17) which I installed separately and put in the LIB folder so that works fine now.

I run into this Error and could not find an answer in a working solution in the web? 

I’d Appreciate it if someone can help me out! 
Do I need to install extra Microsoft Visual Studio’s parts, and if so, which one exactly should that be ? // Anything else needed pre installed to get it running ?

Best Regards

Tim from Stuttgart

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