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PROJ 6.3.0

Jorge Sanz (OSGeo)
Happy new year everyone! What better than to celebrate with a new PROJ release.
The PROJ 6.3.0 release includes new features and a range of bug fixes. Download
the archives here: (
)    (

See the release notes below.

In addition to the PROJ release we are also issuing releases of  three regional
datumgrid packages:


- Added AUSGeoid98, AUSGeoid09 & AUSGeoid2020
- Added various grids for New Zealand
- Added GDA94_GDA2020 grids for Christmas and Coco Island


- Added Quebec grids na27na83.gsb and cq77na83.gsb
- Added MAY76V20.gsb for Canadian NAD27(76)->NAD83 transformations
- Added Canadian geoid models for CGVD28, CGVD2013(CGG2013) and CGVD2013(CGG2013a)
- Added Canadian provincial horizontal shift grids
- Added USA geoid models 1999, 2003, 2006, 2009 and 2018


- Added SeTa2016.gsb for DE_DHDN -> ETRS89 in Saarland
- Added 100800401.gsb for Catalonia ED50 -> ETRS89
- Added NTv2_SN.gsb for RD/83 to ETRS89 in Saxony
- Added AT_GIS_GRID.gsb for Austria MGI->ETRS89
- Added various grids for Iceland, including ISL init file
- Added BWTA2017.gsb for DHDN->ETRS89 for Baden-Württemberg
- Addedvertical grids for Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon: RASPM2018 and CGVD2013RGSPM06
- Added NTv2 grids for convertion between Portuguese Lisbon Datum and Datum 73 to ETRS89


6.3.0 Release Notes


o Database: tune accuracy of Canadian NTv1 file w.r.t NTv2 (#1812)

o Modify verbosity level of some debug/trace messages (#1811)

o projinfo: no longer call createBoundCRSToWGS84IfPossible() for WKT1:GDAL

o proj_trans: add retry logic to select other transformation if the best one
  fails. (#1809)

o BoundCRS::identify(): improvements to discard CRS that aren't relevant

o Database: update to IGNF v3.1.0 (#1785)

o Build: Only export symbols if building DLL (#1773)

o Database: update ESRI entries with ArcGIS Desktop version 10.8.0 database

o createOperations(): chain operations whose middle CRSs are not identical but
  have the same datum (#1734)

o import/export PROJJSON: support a interpolation_crs key to geoid_model

o Database: update to EPSG v9.8.4 (#1725)

o Build: require SQLite 3.11 (#1721)

o Add support for GEOIDMODEL (#1710)

o Better filtering based on extent and performance improvements (#1709)

Bug fixes

o Horizontal grid shift: fix issue on iterative inverse computation when
  switching between (sub)grids (#1797)

o createOperations(): make filtering out of 'uninteresting' operations less
  aggressive (#1788)

o Make EPSG:102100 resolve to ESRI:102100 (#1786)

o ob_tran: restore traditional handling of +to_meter with pj_transform() and
  proj utility (#1783)

o CRS identification: use case insensitive comparison for authority name

o normalizeForVisualization() and other methods applying on a ProjectedCRS: do
  not mess the derivingConversion object of the original object (#1746)

o createOperations(): fix transformation computation from/to a CRS with
  +geoidgrids and +vunits != m (#1731)

o Fix proj_assign_context()/pj_set_ctx() with pipelines and alternative coord
  operations (#1726)

o Database: add an auxiliary concatenated_operation_step table to allow
  arbitrary number of steps (#1696)

o Fix errors running gie-based tests in Debug mode on Windows (#1688)

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