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PROJ 5.0.1

Kristian Evers-3
We are pleased to announce the release of PROJ 5.0.1. This is purely a bug fixing release,
that fixes a range of problems in the initial PROJ 5 release. See the complete release
notes below.

Download it here: ( (

The PROJ development team


5.0.1 Release Notes


All bug fix numbers refer to issues or pull requests indexed at

o Handle ellipsoid change correctly in pipelines when
  +towgs84=0,0,0 is set #881

o Handle the case where nad_ctable2_init returns NULL #883

o Avoid shadowed declaration errors with old gcc #880

o Expand +datum properly +datum in pipelines #872

o Fail gracefully when incorrect headers are encountered in grid
  files #875

o Improve roundtrip stability in pipelines using +towgs84 #871

o Fixed typo in gie error codes #861

o Numerical stability fixes to the geodesic package #826 #843

o Make sure that transient errors are returned correctly #857

o Make sure that locally installed header files are not used when
  building PROJ #849

o Fix inconsistent parameter names in proj.h/proj_4D_api.c #842

o Make sure +vunits is applied #833

o Fix incorrect Web Mercator transformations #834


Version 5.0.1 is made possible by the following contributors:

  Mike Toews
  Kurt Schwehr
  Even Rouault
  Charles Karney
  Thomas Knudsen
  Kristian Evers
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