PDF Driver is not recognised in latest GDAL

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PDF Driver is not recognised in latest GDAL

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I am doing development with python 35 on windows 8. I am facing many difficulties while developing some functionalities with GDAL and Python.
I couldn't find the PDF driver available in the latest GDAL 2.1.2. I found that last version of PDF driver found in 1.11.4 but the problem with this version is WMS/TMS minidrivers are not responding correctly as expected. However it would be good going along with latest version so could you please let me know when can I expect GDAL the PDF driver.
And I also, am finding difficulties while configuring the GDAL_PDF_LIB option  either with poppler, podofo and PDFium. Could you please provide any document which has a success story of creating the Geospatial PDF. You can include the system requirements along with GDAL and python versions that got tested for creating a Geospatial PDF.