Ortho Rectification of satellite images

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Ortho Rectification of satellite images

Hello all..
I am working on satellite image registration problem for Resourcesat-2 AWiFS data for last 4 months but could not complete and am very new to this OSSIM.

I have an input tif image(LCC Projection) along with its original RPC(Rational Polynomial Coefficients) file.
I am using reference image in same resolution and projection as that of input image
and using ASTER dem(30m posting).

Using phase correlation method, some gcps are identified (line, pixel, reference_x, reference_y,demValue).

I have the following the doubts:
1. I have to remove the outliers i.e. may be some gcps went wrong during the identification method.
Can i use rejout? if so, what model defination should i give?

2. How to optimize the model using modopt? and what is the RMSE with the new gcps?

3. Ortho rectify the input image using rpc file, inlier gcps and DEM file using ossim-orthoigen

Waiting for your suggestions/help...Thanks in advance.