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joost schouppe

At OSM, we like to meet in a bar, have a drink together, and talk about OSM and geo stuff in general. There's almost always a nice mix of extremely experienced mappers and complete newbies. It offers an informal setting for anyone to learn more about all the weird things we do.

The next Brussels bar meetup was just planned: October 16th at The Sister in Brussels.

There's also the slightly more formal monthly meetup in Leuven. Next is September 27th.

You can follow the events in the Maptime Belgium page:
(just click "Wacth these events", and you can follow it with your Github account)

We try to use this agenda for both OsGeo and OSM events, so please post events there if you're planning something!

If you just want to subscribe to OSM events, you can also use our Meetup page.

Watch these spaces, because we are planning to have informal events in Brugge and Hasselt as well!

Last point: if we do a "real maptime event", where we organize a workshop where we teach people some aspect of working with webmaps, we can get Free Pizza! So send me a message if you want to make that happen

Joost Schouppe

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