OpenLayers & Mapguide - TileService Error

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OpenLayers & Mapguide - TileService Error

Nimrod Cnaan
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Tiled map - MapBase Layer & WMS Layers are not showing in the same extention on the map.
the Map BaseLayer not seems to be located in its right position.

Untiled map - No problem

MapGuide OS 2.2 Running on Win 2008 r2 64bit sp1
My Coord system code - 2039

Here is the server error

Any Help friends ?!

<2012-05-28T13:33:53> 1388 Anonymous
 Error: Index is out of range.
  - MgTileServiceHandler.ProcessOperation() line 83 file c:\builds\mg22x64\mgdev\server\src\services\tile\TileServiceHandler.cpp
  - MgOpGetTile.Execute() line 150 file c:\builds\mg22x64\mgdev\server\src\services\tile\OpGetTile.cpp
  - MgServerTileService.GetTile() line 260 file c:\builds\mg22x64\mgdev\server\src\services\tile\ServerTileService.cpp
  - MgMapBase.GetFiniteDisplayScaleAt() line 283 file c:\builds\mg22x64\mgdev\common\platformbase\MapLayer/MapBase.cpp