[OpenLayers-Users] Bug in OL 2.13.1 OpenLayers.Geometry.clone()?

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[OpenLayers-Users] Bug in OL 2.13.1 OpenLayers.Geometry.clone()?

Robert Sanson-2

I have a Web mapping app built with OL 2.13.1

Vector data is read in from a database source as WKT. I have to transform from a source projection to a map projection once read into a vector feature, before adding to a vector layer, and then transform back to the source projection when writing out new features or edits back to the database.

On writing I get a problem when I clone a feature, reproject it and then try to write out the WKT:

var wkt_out;
var tmpgeom = feature.geometry.clone();
tmpgeom .transform(mapproj, srcproj);
wkt_out = wkt_format.write(tmpgeom );

I get an error:

'CLASS_NAME' is null or not an object

Looking in WKT.js it appears the clone is not copying the type of geometry?

     * Method: extractGeometry
     * Entry point to construct the WKT for a single Geometry object.
     * Parameters:
     * geometry - {<OpenLayers.Geometry.Geometry>}
     * Returns:
     * {String} A WKT string of representing the geometry
    extractGeometry: function(geometry) {
        var type = geometry.CLASS_NAME.split('.')[2].toLowerCase();
        if (!this.extract[type]) {
            return null;
        if (this.internalProjection && this.externalProjection) {
            geometry = geometry.clone();
            geometry.transform(this.internalProjection, this.externalProjection);
        var wktType = type == 'collection' ? 'GEOMETRYCOLLECTION' : type.toUpperCase();
        var data = wktType + '(' + this.extract[type].apply(this, [geometry]) + ')';
        return data;

If I write out the WKT of the feature from the vector layer before transforming, then read it in to a new feature (avoiding the use of clone), then transform it and then write out the WKT it works:

var wkt_out = wkt_format.write(feature);
var tmpgeom = wkt_format.read(wkt_out);
wkt_out = wkt_format.write(tmpgeom);

Many thanks,

Robert Sanson

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Re: [OpenLayers-Users] Bug in OL 2.13.1 OpenLayers.Geometry.clone()?

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I hope to understand. Test this way:

var tmpgeom = feature.geometry.clone().transform(mapproj, srcproj);
var wkt_out = wkt_format.write(tmpgeom);