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OpenEV tools updates

Mario Beauchamp
Hi folks,

Here are the latest updates to my OpenEV tools.

WMS Tool:

- it is now possible to define a http proxy (pref http_proxy in the preferences file)
- server exceptions are now shown
- correct datatype assigned

Fusion Tool:

- works with Quickbird (and possibly Ikonos) imagery
- removed ROI support for now
- warped VRT replaced with gdal.ReprojectImage()
- added block read/write support for more efficient processing

Histo Enhance:

- added preliminary support for Quickbird and Ikonos dynamic range 0-2047 (ie 11-bits)
- added histos_directory preference. This directory and the current image directory are scanned
for existing histogram files

Also, an early version of a raster projection tool has been added but only so people can help me
find the bug that causes reprojected images to be blank when reopened after OpenEV is restarted.
This only happens when the "(Open in) Current View" option is selected. I'd appreciate any
feedback on this...

All the tools can be found at

Thank you.
Mario B.
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