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OpenDroneMap Release Candidate v0.3

Dakota Benjamin

OpenDroneMap devs,

We have pushed a release candidate for testing, and with luck we will have a full release in the next few weeks. Please see below for links to the release or pull the latest changes from the OpenDroneMap repository.

Release with changelog:

Note that some UI elements have changed. The configuration process now has three options: install, reinstall, and uninstall. The command is as such:

./ install

There now exists a settings file called settings.yaml. You can uncomment and change values in that file to globally change run-time parameters. The important setting that must be changed there is the project-path folder path, which is where all your projects will be copuie

The other important UI changes are simplified parameter names. All of which can be found by running --help or looking at the updated wiki:

If you have any questions, feel free to ping us on the gitter channel: Benjamin 
Geospatial Developer

216-635-3255 (Office)

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