OpenCL acceleration on Windows 10 and Nvidia

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OpenCL acceleration on Windows 10 and Nvidia

Nicolas Cadieux

Has anyone been able to successfully enable OpenCL acceleration
(Settings/Options/Acceleration/Enable OpenCL acceleration) with QGIS
3.4.4, OSGeo4W64, Windows 10_64x, and a RTX2060, GTX 260 (or later) or
with the Intel OpenCL runtime 18 for CPU?

So far, I have tried with a GTX260 nvidia card with latest drivers (That
made Qgis crash). I then installed a RTX2060 card and RTX2060 drivers
with and without CUDA toolkit, installed OpenCL runtime 18 for CPU.  GPU
caps identifies both CPU Runtime (OpenCL 2.1) and nvidia GeForce 2060
OpenCL 1.2 cuda.  QGIS cannot find any compatible devices.

If you have Windows 10 and a Nvidia card, please test.  The developer is
having trouble with this configuration and I am trying to help him out.


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