Open source Earth Observation Data Challenge 2019

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Open source Earth Observation Data Challenge 2019

Artur Gil-2

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De: Suchith Anand

Dear all,

I want to congratulate FOSS4G 2019 Team for organising the Open source Earth Observation Data Challenge 2019. Please note the key dates and participate.

  • 3 April : Launch of the call for proposals
  • 10 April : Close of the call and start of the selection process
  • 20 April : Start of in-lab development and mentoring
  • 1 July : Setup in cloud environment
  • 28 August : Winners announced in FOSS4G 2019 Ceremony

More details at

I request all interested to submit innovative solutions for Agriculture for the  FOSS4G EO Challenge. Currently, nearly 800 million people struggle with debilitating hunger and malnutrition and can be found in every corner of the globe. That's one in every nine people, with the majority being women and children. Agriculture must respond to an increasing urban population and changing climate conditions. Optimising local food production to wisely support our nutrition needs is an area where creative solutions are essential to our future. Open Earth observations and open geospatial tools are key in helping us find solutions for Zero Hunger aim. 

I thank the FOSS4G 2019 Team for organising this excellent challenge. 

Best wishes,


Dr Suchith Anand

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