Open data signals new direction for B.C. government

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Open data signals new direction for B.C. government

Dave Patton

A couple of quotes:

The following specific actions will ensure our government continues to build on the open data and open information tools launched today.

Open Data

1. Ministries must take steps to expand public access to government data by making it available online unless restricted by law, contract or policy.

2. Ministries must re-prioritize and expand data collection efforts towards those that enable citizens and sectors to create value from government data.

3. Ministries must adopt B.C.'s open license for data and ensure data accessibility through DataBC in accordance with B.C.'s Open Data Policy, which includes the requirement that data be published in an open machine-readable format.

4. DataBC must ensure that citizens can give feedback on and assessment of the quality of published information and provide input to which data should be prioritized for publication.

The Government of B.C. encourages citizens to use and re-use information that is now accessible through DataBC,, and available under the following license. This innovative license makes information available freely and flexibly, with only a few conditions. Citizens can copy, publish and distribute the information, adapting the information to suit their needs and use it for commercial purposes.

The Open Government License for Government of B.C. Information was adapted from the UK Government's Open Government License, with the permission of the UK National Archives.

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