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Open Science in Ecological Research workshop

Barry Rowlingson
Hi Uk-osgeos,

this is an advance notice for a workshop to be held at Lancaster in July this year (exact date and time subject to confirmation) but I want to get the ball rolling early with the community.

OSiER 2018 is the first Open Science in Ecological Research workshop, and aims to cover open source, open data, open hardware, open publishing and all that good stuff, much of which has a strong spatial component and an OSGeo interest. This workshop has come about because of discussions at OSGeo UK 2016.

The plan is to have a workshop afternoon, a day of presentations, and a morning unconference/free discussion session.

So for now:

 * If you or your organisation might want to run a half- or quarter-day workshop on any aspect of open science with ecological applications, please get in touch.

 * If you want to suggest interesting speakers in open science and ecology, please forward their names to me or ask them to contact me.

 * If OSGeo UK would like to sponsor the workshop, please get in touch - we already have some generous sponsorship from the Lancaster University Data Science Institute which will keep costs down and make this an attractive event, but if anyone would like to pitch in for t-shirts or keyrings or even laptop stickers, all input is welcome!

And for later:

 * The date and time will be announced in the usual channels, so watch out for more emails here, posts on twitter, full-page adverts in The Guardian and a nine-part blockbuster series on netflix.

 * A call for more general papers will go out once we have the date and an outline of speakers.



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