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Open Geoscience Budget 2020 timeline / EGU Townhall

"Peter Löwe"
Dear list,

it's the time of the year again when we have to decide about the budget request for the coming year.
I have set up a wiki page with likely budget items (copied from the 2019 budget) in the wiki:

I propose that we aim for a finalized budget by Friday, December 20th.

Regarding the item "EGU OSGeo event" I would like to propose a change from past practice:
Until now, the "EGU OSGeo event" was a "Townhall" evening event at the annual European Geoscience Union (EGU) general assembly, which is held every Spring in Vienna, Austria and draws about 16.000 researchers). OSGeo Townhall events have been conducted for the last five years, starting in 2014 ( Since then, the number of topically related Townhall events held by other groups, such as the Research Software Engineers has grown significantly (

To avoid unnecessary competition among the Townhall events for participants I propose to let the OSGeo presence at EGU evolve into a topical lunch event (aka the OSGeo "free" lunch). The catering costs for a lunch event will be in the same range as the catering costs for a Townhall event. Such lunch events have already been successfully conducted by other groups in the past, for example by the data journal editors within EGU.

Please give me your thoughts about this proposal and the budget timeline.


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