Open Conference System and continuity between events

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Open Conference System and continuity between events

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo)
Jeff and I tested the basics of the Open Conference System (OCS):

Using an installed test instance at:

At present you have to register to use it (and there is no linkage to  
your OSGeo user id yet).  It includes most of the basic features you  
need for managing presentation proposals, paper reviews, etc.

I'm not going to make a strong push to use it for 2008 but I  
definitely think this is an area that the international conference  
committee can help streamline events year from year.  I mean, by  
helping host and manage this instance of OCS, so that setting up a  
website, managing registrations, etc. does not all have to be re-
invented every year.   It would at least be fruitful to mirror some  
of the previous conference(s) into here to see how it works/looks, etc.

The test instance is not fully set up, if someone would like to  
volunteer to get it set up to be more viable, please let me know and  
I'll promote you.  As OSGeo grows and other events around the world  
start happening, this site can also serve to handle, promote, archive  
and those events as well.

Ideas, questions?

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