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Heather Lucier
Hi List,

Has anyone else encountered a problem with online resource file names not
being displayed when you select "File for download" and not actually being
able to download the file? When I'm adding the resource and select "file
for download", this populates the protocol box
"WWW:DOWNLOAD-1.0-http--download." After I save and close the metadata
record, I open the record again to see all the files, but the files names
are not there. The only thing I can see is a box that says "Download" for
each file. When I click on "Download", the data opens in a new tab on my
browser. Does anyone know how to fix it so that the file names are present
and available for download?

One thing I noticed is that if I leave the protocol box blank and don't
choose "File for download", the name of the file appears, but since it is
considered a link, the data still opens in a new tab on my browser. So,
that only solves one of my problems.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


Heather M. Lucier
M.S. Earth System Science & Engineering
University of Michigan, 2013
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