On stop/start, geoserver not loading services

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On stop/start, geoserver not loading services


Have an issue with geoserver not recognising/deleting newly created services. If I go through the process of adding a new service e.g. adding a new workspace, datastore (postgis database) and publishing a particular table I can preview and use this without a problem (e.g. add as a network link in GE or view with open layers). On stop/start of geoserver the service is then missing/deleted.

On checking the logs I can see where it is loading the example services/layers then getting to my new addition and errors saying it can't find the catalog.xml file. A number of lines after it errors "error parsing geowebcache.xml". I have previously used geowebcache but am not currently.

I was just thinking about a fresh install of geoserver (2.0.1 current) and just accepting its broke.

Wondered if anyone has had similar issues.