OSSIM GSoC 2013 Weekly Report #6

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OSSIM GSoC 2013 Weekly Report #6

Hi all,

here goes my weekly report.

=== Weekly Report 6 ===

''' What did you get done this week? '''
 * worked on mapwindow NetCDF Viewer. added controls to select time period and interpolation
 * worked on import module. single long fetch is removed.
 * USGS Thredds catalog fetch mimics that of browser and catalog tree nodes are expanded on user command.
   This saves a very large amount of time since each fetch takes a couple of seconds and there is no point in 
   creating local xml files to avoid parsing. However .nc files may need caching.
 * fixed matplotlib issues when plotting inisde PyQt.
 * added progressbar to monitor matplotlib's plotting.
''' What do you plan on doing next week? '''
 * I am planning to add multithreading support in the mapwindow.
 * matplotlib operations must be done in a seperate thread detached from ui.
 * I will work on progressbar updation logic based on threading mechanism
 * If everything comes clean by wednesday I will work on pyossim-planetsasha part

''' Are you blocked on anything? '''
 * Nothing

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