OSSIM GSoC 2013 Weekly Report #5

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OSSIM GSoC 2013 Weekly Report #5

=== Weekly Report 5 ===

''' What did you get done this week? '''

 * Auto switching to custom planetSasha fetch method for Thredds catalog with no OGC services enabled.
 * Created a new ui for viewer which uses matplotlib.
 * When a netCDF source listed in the import is selected it is added to source tree in the viewer ui.
 * Import allows multiple selection of .nc files which is important because fetching takes time is longer in some cases.
 * matplotlib's basemap visualize the selected data source from the source manager.

''' What do you plan on doing next week? '''
 * Update import ui for time selection, interpolation etc.
 * Add provision to view metadata netCDF dataset. 
 * Instead of fetching every time a simple xml (custom) should created locally and used in later parsing.
 * PlanetSasha will check for xml file in local system using custom naming convention (date-time-beautified(url)).
 * Another alternative I was planning to use is add sqlite db (data_cache.db) for this purpose (can store url, date, time etc..).
 * The local xml should be removed and created again only if the force option is selected and fetch comes from server.
 * Using this caching technique user's will be able to fetch the .nc files and save time from redundant parsing of Catalog.

''' Are you blocked on anything? '''
 * Fetcing the catalog through recusrive parsing taking a lot of time making a delay in debugging and testing

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