OSSIM GSoC 2013 Weekly Report #3

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OSSIM GSoC 2013 Weekly Report #3

Hi all,

My 3rd week's report:


Weekly Report 3

What did you get done this week?

  • Implemented the nc fetch/import moudle.
  • As per plan caching mechanism was scheduled for week #3 but I swapped it with week #5 
    because gui is needed to define some caching parameters such a bbox that comes from an interactive map.
  • Moved SDI style of PlanetSasha? to MDI. It used a tabbed way and takes too much time 
    to load all tabs(actually modules) during startup. MDI seems neater for us.
  • Added a ossim app runner interface for planetsasha.

What do you plan on doing next week?

  • I will work on the netcdf parser in PlanetSasha?. It will parse .nc file from geocatalog and save metadata.
  • Bounding box selection is now a simple image. Next week I plan to make it interactive as shown in geonetwork.

Are you blocked on anything?

  • Nothing.


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