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Jo Cook
Hi All,

I'm strongly thinking about getting involved in the Google Season of Docs initiative, as OSGeo has applied to become an organisation. Cameron Shorter is the main organiser, but I'd like to volunteer as a mentor. There's some documentation here: https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Season_Of_Docs_2019 (see the Ideas page link for the best info).

I'd like to include Geonetwork in the projects to focus on- along with QGIS and OSGeo:Live. Is that something you'd all be happy with? (In particular the Steering Committee). If so, the first step will be to outline the requirements, similar to:

QGIS Documentation

QGIS, a desktop GIS application, is one of the OSGeo Foundation’s flagship projects. In February 2019 QGIS put out their long-awaited 3.4 Long Term Release, which was a major update from the previous 2.18 version. As of March 2019, the project’s documentation hasn’t fully updated been to the new version. This is a great opportunity to:
 * Help document a great project.
 * Update older documentation.
 * Tap into a very engaged community.
 * Review against best writing practices and suggest improvements.
 * Test best practice writing principles which can be exported and shared with other open source projects.

 * QGIS Documentation
* QGIS Documentation Issues
* University-level lectures and labs, created by GeoAcademy (based on the older QGIS 2.18)

Can you also let me know which list is best to discuss this on? I've posted to both users and developers at the moment but maybe one is better than the other?



Jo Cook
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