OSGeo / OpenPlanetary joint townhall session at EGU / Vienna?

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OSGeo / OpenPlanetary joint townhall session at EGU / Vienna?

Alessandro Frigeri-2

I'm glad to inform you that we are formalizing a non-profit association for promoting data, tools, workflow sharing among planetary science community.  The name of the association is OpenPlanetary [1] and has an international board of directors working in the field of planetary research. The use and promotion of Free Open Source software is a big part of our activity which has been mostly done within scientific workshops and congresses in the form of tutorials and hands-on sessions on tools and data access.

Since some geospatial software we actively use is promoted by OSGeo, we would like to have the chance to get OpenPlanetary and OpenGeocience/OSGeo known to each other.   

Peter proposed the EGU Townhall session as a possible chance to start a discussion of possible synergies or coordinated activities. That would be a nice event for starting activities of OpenPlanetary outside of planetary science congresses.


Alessandro Frigeri

Alessandro Frigeri, PhD

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