OSGeo Oceania Membership and Membership Policy Changes

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OSGeo Oceania Membership and Membership Policy Changes

Edoardo Neerhut-2
Dear OSGeo Oceania community,

This email concerns changes to the Membership Policy which we would like your feedback on. The MWG has introduced these changes to make membership application and review processes more efficient.

The two changes relate specifically to the application process and review stage and not other aspects of the Membership Policy. To summarise:
  1. The MWG is moving from a quarterly intake to a rolling intake so that prospective members can apply at any time.
  2. Changing from a nomination type framing to an application type framing. This means that applicants apply directly rather than relying on a nomination from someone else.
I have attached two PDFs. v1 is the Membership Policy before the changes and v1.1 contains the amendments. 

The Membership Working Group (MWG) is part of OSGeo Oceania and responsible for supporting membership intake. This involves encouraging/communicating membership, structuring the application process, reviewing applications, and engaging members when they join.

Please let us know your thoughts, and if you're not already a member of OSGeo Oceania, consider applying here.

Kind regards,

Ed & the MWG

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Membership policy v1.1.pdf (163K) Download Attachment
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