OSGeo Oceania Budget 2020-2021

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OSGeo Oceania Budget 2020-2021

Alex Leith
Dear Members

The OSGeo Oceania Board is pleased to share with you our budget for 2020-2021.

You can view the budget here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1cbd3Rt5R688qrZ3eTCHxpRZ8HbII358_1UARf3m5qBs 

Some notes follow:
  • While we are budgeting a deficit, we have room to move. Most of this is captured in discretionary spending on things like supporting our community and working groups. All funding, although budgeted for, will still be required to go through the usual Board processes.
  • In a normal year, we’d expect our conference to deliver a significant surplus. As we have achieved a surplus in our two years of conferences, we have around $80,000 in the bank. 
  • We expected the 2020 conference to run as a subsidised event, or at best, with a very modest surplus. Since it is running as a remote-only event, this doesn’t change a lot (except that we have less money going in and out).
  • If you have ideas for ways that we can support our community in these extraordinary times by funding an event or activity, please let us know.
You can contact me or any other Board member if you have questions or comments.

Kind regards,

Alex Leith
m: 0419189050

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