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OSGeo Hands-on Workshops - Limerick

daniel mcinerney-2
Hi All,

OSGeo Ireland in conjunction with Data Science Ireland will be hosting 
two evening workshop sessions in Limerick on the 14th and 21st of
November at the  FabLab [1] located in the city centre from 19h30-->21h30.

The sessions will be:

- "Introduction to R (tidyverse, ggplot2, sf)" presented by Kevin
O'Brien on the 14th of November

- "Introduction to OSGeoLive 13.0 [2] - open source geospatial
packages"  by Daniel McInerney on the 21st of November

These are hands-on sessions, so please bring your laptop. Bootable USB
drives with OSGeo-Live will provided to all participants free of charge.
This is a free event, but donations to FabLab will be accepted.

Hopefully see you there.

Best regards,


[1]: https://fablab.saul.ie/

[2]: https://live.osgeo.org/en/index.html

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